AI Baby Cry Pacifier

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Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) based app “AI Baby Cry Pacifier” to calm your baby when they cry. Your baby can cry because of different reasons and you of course are there to take care of their little problems. Soothing sounds, similar to the ones what babies have heard in the womb can calm them. The app uses AI technology to automatically play soothing audio to calm your baby the moment they cry.


Know the ambient noise levels
AI based baby cry detection technology
Automatically plays soothing sound
Play soothing sound manually
Edge computing on your mobile
Easy to use, No complicated settings
App values your privacy
The app uses internet to show ads

How to use

Ensure the phone is fully charged
Preferably put the phone on DND, so that the baby is not disturbed
Start the app
Adjust the volume for the soothing audio to play
Place the phone close to your baby but sufficiently away
The app will automatically play the soothing audio when it detects baby crying
If the app does not detect the baby crying, then play the soothing audio manually


May not work on all devices
May not work in all environments (Due to ambient noises)
May not detect all baby cries
The soothing audio may not calm all babies

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