Stop Dog Bark

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Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) based app “Stop Dog Bark” to distract your dog from barking. The app uses AI to detect dog barks and automatically plays ultrasonic frequencies to deter dogs from barking. This app has been created for dog lovers to help them quieten their dogs as frequent barking can be annoying. Use the app to enjoy your siesta or to do peaceful reading!


AI based bark detection technology
Know the ambient noise levels
Play ultrasonic frequencies manually to quieten your dog if required
Edge computing on your mobile
Easy to use, No complicated settings
App values your privacy
The app uses internet to show ads

How to use

Ensure the phone is fully charged
Start the app
Place the phone close to your dog but away from its reach
If somehow the app does not detect your dogs barks, then you can play the ultrasonic frequencies manually to deter your dog from barking


May not work on all devices
May not work in all environments (Due to ambient noises)
May not detect barks of all dogs
The ultrasonic frequencies may not deter all dogs from barking

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